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Message from Peter Heersink
GTYSC Head Match Official
April 20, 2021

Hello New and Returning Match Officials,

We at Grimsby Town Youth Soccer Club are preparing for a soccer season this year.  As you know, due to COVID-19, we did not have a season in 2020 – and our plans this year are dependent on the provincial and local guidelines and/or restrictions that will be in force when the season starts. We are preparing for three scenarios, which are: 1-no soccer; 2-modified team sizes; 3-full games. 

To be able to run a successful soccer season, the GTYSC will need Match Officials (Referees) for games in scenario 2 and 3.  The target to begin the 2021 season was early June, however with the current provincial lockdown this date may have to be pushed back.  We will provide updated information as it becomes available.

New and Upgrading Match Officials

We have been anticipating new courses being offered by Ontario Soccer for new Match Official certifications and upgrading Match Official certifications (Small Sided to Entry Level). We are happy to report that 2021 courses are open for registration. 

All 2021 Match Official courses are offered online and you have the ability to do them as a self study with the requirement to attend one mandatory webinar (2hrs). Each course takes approximately 8 hrs to complete after which there will be both an exam (1hr) and an opportunity to sign up for an outdoor clinic (3hrs) to complete your requirements.  Timing is everything.  Please sign up as soon as possible to get started.  Outdoor clinics will be hosted when the province opens outdoor facilities.

The first document attached is an overview of the two courses being offered- Small Sided and Entry Level -with the current age requirements identified.  If you are certified as a Small Sided Match Official, but now meet the age requirements for Entry Level (14 years of age by Mar 31/21), please consider upgrading your certifications so that you are eligible to be scheduled for more games.

The second document attached is the Ontario Soccer 2021 Student Clinic Guide.  By following this guide, you will be able to sign up for courses and work your way through the necessary steps to get started via access to Ontario Soccer’s Refcentre portal (

Please note that there is a fee for courses = $100 for Small Sided and $125 for Entry Level.  You will need to pay the course fees initially, however the GTYSC offers a reimbursement of the initial course cost if you referee 10+ games for our Club as a Grimsby registered Match Official.  We also offer you access to a uniform immediately after you confirm successful course completion.  If the 2021 season is cancelled before games are played, the GTYSC will review the current reimbursement policy.

When you register for a course, please indicate that your ‘club’ is Grimsby Town in order to be flagged for reimbursement.

I recommend that new referees try to have the new course completed as soon as possible.  This will give you ample time to complete the outdoor activity portion of the course when it opens up so that you will be fully certified before the beginning of the season that we are preparing for. When you register, please confirm via email to [email protected] and [email protected] that you have registered for the course.  Please include course receipts so we have them on file for reimbursement.

Returning Match Officials

Welcome back!  If you did not register as a Match Official in 2020, you must renew your status this year by April 30th.  You cannot miss registering for 2 years in a row as you will then have to retake the certification if you want to get back to being a Match Official in 2022.  If you have already registered for 2021, thank you!

*Note: There are provisions being setup for a refund of some (maybe all) of your fees IF there is no season.  Details are not completed yet – we are waiting for Ontario Soccer to confirm.

Bottom line: If you have not done so yet, go to and register for 2021.  Please remember that you will have to complete the education section first before being able to complete registration.  For more information, please click on the following link:

New for 2021: Please send a copy of your 2021 registration fee receipt to [email protected].  If you referee 10+ games for the GTYSC as a Grimsby registered Match Official, you will receive a reimbursement of your 2021 registration fees.

Please let me know when you have completed your registration so that I can monitor it and be sure you are ‘locked in’.

Ontario Soccer has been posting some webinars for Match Officials.  You can find them at the following link:

Please contact me at 905-975-0741 or at [email protected] if you have any questions.  You can also contact the Club by emailing [email protected].

Thank you,

Peter Heersink
Club Head Match Official
Grimsby Town Youth Soccer Club

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