House League (U7-U18) (Grimsby Town Youth Soccer Club)

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GTYSC Recreational House League - Boys & Girls- U7 to U18

The Grimsby Town Youth Soccer Club is continuing to provide an excellent opportunity for boys and girls, between the ages of 7 and 18, to learn basic soccer skills, the importance of teamwork as well as having fun playing soccer in a non-competitive league. In 2019, over 1000+ House league players participated in the summer season from May to August.


The 2021 boys and girls house league season schedule will be posted as soon as possible.

The boys and girls U7/U8 teams will play all games in Grimsby.

The boys and girls U12 to U18 teams will be interlocked again with Lincoln and West Lincoln (+Pelham GU12) in 2021 playing in the West Niagara Interlock Soccer League.  Interlock games are played in Grimsby, Lincoln & West Lincoln (and Pelham for GU12).  All 2021 scheduling is subject to change based on Return to Play protocols. 

For more information, please contact the following:
- U7 to U10 - Tiffany John 
- U11 to U18 - Cordelia Rustenburg
- General Inquiries - GTYSC Administrator 

2021 House League - Boys

 Division Birth Yr OS Level League 2020 Fee Day* Time* Location*
 U7/U8 Boys 2014/2013 LTPD GTYSC $155 Mondays 6:00pm/ 7:15pm  Grimsby
 U9/U10 Boys 2012/2011 LTPD WNISL $160 Tuesdays 6:30pm Grimsby
 U11/U12 Boys 2010/2009 LTPD WNISL $160 Mondays 6:30pm West Niagara*
 U13/U14 Boys   2008/2007  Recreational HL WNISL $160 Tuesdays 6:30pm  West Niagara* 
 U15-U18 Boys 2006-2003 Recreational HL WNISL $160 Thursdays 8:30pm West Niagara*

2021 House League - Girls

Division Birth Yr OS Level League 2020 Fee Day* Time* Location*
U7/U8 Girls 2014/2013 LTPD GTYSC $155 Thursdays 6:00pm/7:15pm   Grimsby
U9/U10 Girls 2012/2011 LTPD WNISL $160 Wednesdays 6:30pm Grimsby
U11/U12 Girls 2010/2009 LTPD WNISL $160 Thursdays 6:30pm West Niagara*
U13/U14 Girls 2008/2007 Recreational HL WNISL $160 Wednesdays 6:30pm West Niagara*
U15-U18 Girls 2006-2003 Recreational HL WNISL $160 Mondays 8:30pm West Niagara*

* To be confirmed depending on registration numbers.  Game days/times/locations are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed until all teams have been assigned and all schedules have been issued (end of June).  Monday games on statutory holidays and rained out games will be played the following week on Fridays, where possible.  

House league divisions are blended with two birth years to ensure teams have a variety of opposing team to play against. 

The GTYSC is always looking for new and/or experienced Coaches to run our teams.  If you are interested, please include your email address on the registration form, where indicated.  You will need to complete a Coach Application and have a Police Record Check on file with the Club. You will be reimbursed for the PRC as per the instructions on the Coach menu.  There will be a short training session and ongoing support during the season for new Coaches.


 Registration will be opened in mid-February.  Click on the Registration menu. then Registration forms to select the applicable division. 

2021 HL IMPORTANT DATES (To be confirmed ASAP)

EVALUATION DATES:  Not Applicable for 2021


SEASON START: July 5th (tentative)







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