2020 Men's PVSL Travel Registration (Grimsby Town Youth Soccer Club)

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  1. 2020 GTYSC Men's Travel Registration Form

    Please complete this form if you are registering for one of the following teams in 2020: 

    - Men's PVSL  - Grimsby FC (Peter Buskermolen)
    - Men's PVSL  - Grimsby Thistle (Phil Mctaggart)
    - Men's PVSL - Grimsby Reunited (John Appelman)

    2020 GTYSC Registration Reminders:

    -  A separate online form will need to be completed and payment will need to be made for each individual player registering for the 2020 season.

    -  Please ensure all information entered on the registration form is accurate.  If any information is incorrect (ie. DOB, division), the registration will be rejected and subject to the GTYSC Refund Policy terms and conditions.

    -  Register early to confirm a spot.  Late registrations are subject to space in each division and will be charged a 25% late fee.

    -  Important Payment Information:
    ·         Payment must be made within 7 business days.
    ·         Registration will not be confirmed until payment has been made in full.
    ·         Online credit card payments are now made via Moneris.  You will be redirected to the GTYSC’s secure payment page for these payments. 
    ·         Online e-transfer payments will be accepted by the Club at [email protected]
           Please include player name & division and use the password grimsby2020.
    ·         Cheque and cash payments may be available.  Please contact the Club Administrator at [email protected].

    Families with four or more players registering for the 2020 season may be eligible for a GTYSC family discount to be reimbursed after the season starts.  Please apply via email to [email protected].

    ***No Child Is Left Out***

    Please let the GTYSC know if you are aware of someone in our community that needs financial assistance.  (All communications are in the strictest of confidence.). 

    The following local groups and organizations may be available to help:

    -       Kid Sport Niagara http://www.kidsportcanada.ca/ontario/niagara-region/

    -       Canadian Tire      http://jumpstart.canadiantire.ca/en.html or 1-877-616-6600

    -       GBF                   [email protected] to apply for JumpStart or ProKids

    -       GTYSC               [email protected]

Player Information
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    (To be signed by players 18 years of age and older)

    By signing this form, you give up important legal rights.  Please read carefully!

    1. This is a binding legal agreement.  As a participant in the programs, activities and events of the Ontario Soccer, their Districts, Leagues and Clubs, the undersigned acknowledges and agrees to the following terms.


    2. Ontario Soccer, their Districts, Leagues and Clubs, directors, officers, members, employees, coaches, volunteers, officials, participants, clubs, agents, sponsors, owners/operators of facilities, and representatives (the “Organization”) are not responsible for any injury, damage or loss of any kind suffered by a Participant during, or as a result of, any program, activity or event, caused in any manner whatsoever including, but not limited to, the negligence of the Organization.

    Description of Risks

    3. In consideration of my participation as a Participant in such programs, activities and events, I hereby acknowledge that I am aware of the risks and hazards associated with or related to soccer. The risks and hazards of soccer include, but are not limited to injuries from:

    ·         Executing strenuous and demanding physical techniques in soccer;

    ·         Dryland training including weights, running and massage;

    ·         Grass, turf and other surfaces including bacterial infections and rashes;

    ·         Falls to the ground due to uneven or irregular terrain or surfaces;

    ·         Collisions with walls and soccer equipment;

    ·         Failure to properly use any piece of equipment or from the mechanical failure of any piece of equipment;

    ·         Spinal cord injuries which may render me permanently paralyzed;

    ·         Extreme weather conditions which may result in heatstroke, sunstroke or hypothermia;

    ·         Contact, colliding or being struck by other participants, spectators, equipment or vehicles;

    ·         Vigorous physical exertion and strenuous cardiovascular workouts;

    ·         Exerting and stretching various muscle groups; and

    ·         Travel to and from competitive events and associated non-competitive events which are an integral part of the organization's activities.

    4. Furthermore, I am aware:

    ·         That injuries sustained in soccer can be severe;

    ·         That I may come into close contact with other participants, including the possibiity of accidental and unexpected contact;

    ·         That I may experience anxiety while challenging myself during the activities;

    ·         That my risk of injury is reduced if I follow all rules adopted during training; and

    ·         That my risk of injury increases as I become fatigued.

    Release of Liability

    5.  In consideration of the Organization allowing me to participate as a Participant, I agree:

    a)    To assume all risks arising out of, associated with or related to my participation;

    b)    To be solely responsible for any injury, loss, or damage that I might sustain while participating; and

    c)    To release the Organization from liability for any and all claims, demands, actions and costs that might arise out of my participating, even though such risks, injuries, loss, damage, claims, demands, actions or costs may have been caused by the negligence of the Organization.

    Accident Insurance

    Executing this agreement will not preclude you from accident insurance coverage, subject to the terms and conditions of Ontario Soccer's insurance policy. 


    By clicking below you agree that you are the player being registered and to be bound by this Legal Agreement even if you have not read this agreement.




    Rowan’s Law comes into effect on July 1, 2020.   This legislation is named in memory of Rowan Stringer who tragically died in 2013 of Second Impact Syndrome, the result of suffering multiple concussions playing rugby three times in six days.  There are new measures being taken by the Ontario Government to ensure that players registered in organized sports are aware of the concussion legislation and protocols, which have been designed to create a safer environment for competitive amateur athletes, children and youth to play sport.  Knowing how to recognize the signs and symptoms of a concussion, and what to do if a concussion happens – whether you are an athlete, a student, a parent, a coach, a team trainer, an official or an educator – saves lives. 


    Since Rowan’s Law comes into effect during the 2020 soccer season, ALL registrations will be subject to the requirements of the new legislation. Rowan’s Law has been passed to ensure that all athletes under 26 years of age; parents of athletes under 18 years of age; and all team coaches/ staff/ officials confirm annually that they have reviewed Ontario’s Concussion Awareness resources.


    Under Rowan's Law, before any player can be registered with the Grimsby Town Youth Soccer Club and Ontario Soccer, the player (and the parent or legal guardian of the player if the player is under 18 years of age), must review one of the Concussion Education Resources provided by the Province of Ontario. A link to these resources is provided here.  Please copy and past this link to open it in a separate window:

    MANDATORY Province of Ontario Concussion Education Resources:

    There are also links to Rowan's Law documents by applicable division on our website.

    Rowan’s Law is a multi-level awareness for every sport so the documents that need to be reviewed can be done for multiple sports, but all players or guardians must sign a soccer waiver confirming that they have reviewed the Rowan’s Law resources every year at registration.  

    While the legislation is only applicable to players under the age of 26, in the interests of player safety and best practices, the Grimsby Town Youth Soccer Club will require ALL players (or their parent/guardian if they are under 18 years of age) to review and sign off on the requirements of the legislation. 

    Rowan's Law Acknowledgement:

    I hereby confirm that the player being registered to participate in soccer activities with the Grimsby Town Youth Soccer Club and Ontario Soccer, and the parent or legal guardian of the player being registered if the player is under 18 years of age, have reviewed one of the concussion education resources provided by the Province of Ontario as referenced above and have reviewed the player code of conduct as referenced above. I / we further acknowledge understanding the nature and risk of concussion and head injury to athletes, including the risks of continuing to play after a concussion or head injury is suspected.


    I authorize the Canadian Soccer Association, *Ontario Soccer, the applicable District Association (Niagara Soccer Association) and Soccer Organization (Grimsby Town Youth Soccer Club) to collect and use personal information about me or my child/ward for the purpose of receiving communications from the Canadian Soccer Association, Ontario Soccer, District Association, League and Soccer Organization.  I understand that I may withdraw such consent related to receiving communications at any time by contacting the Ontario Privacy Officer at [email protected] or by mail to: Attention: Privacy Officer, Ontario Soccer 7601 Martin Grove Road, Vaughan ON  L4L 9E4.  The Privacy Officer will advise the implications of such withdrawl.

    *We do not sell or distribute your personal information to any other third party not listed herein.*


    1.   Any refund is in the sole discretion of the Board of GTYSC. This policy is provided as a guide to the availability of refunds. For the purpose of this policy the start date for the season is deemed to be the first Monday of May or when the first scheduled house league game takes place, whichever is earlier.

        Any refund is contingent on all issued equipment and full uniform being returned to the club unused and in pristine condition. The date of return of all issued equipment and uniform will be deemed the effective date for the purpose of applying this refund policy.

        All refunds are subject to a $25.00 administration charge which will be deducted from the refund amount.

        Refund amount (subject to above deduction) of player registration fees will be as follows:

    Prior to the start of the season..............................100%

    Before May 31..................................................... 50%

    After May 31........................................................Nil

        In exceptional circumstances, such as sudden individual illness extending more than 50% of the regularly scheduled season, provided supporting documents requested by the Board are provided in a timely manner.

        Players who submit their registration to play in a travel league and subsequently cancel their registration with the GTYSC prior to the start of the season will also be subjected to a $35.00 cancellation fee.

        Travel team try-out players who are not offered a position with a travel team prior to the start of the season will be offered a 100% refund of registration fees.

        Any travel team try-out players who are not offered a position with a travel team and wish to transfer to house league prior to the start of the season may do so without any administration charge levied and with a refund of fees paid in excess of the house league rate.

        Travel players withdrawing to play house league after the start of the season may do so with a refund of fees paid in excess of the house league rate though subject to a $35.00 cancellation fee.


    In consideration of the acceptance of my membership or my child/ward's membership, if participant is under 18 years of age, in Ontario Soccer, the District Association and the Club/Academy, I, the participant or parent/guardian (if participant is under 18 years of age), agree as follows:

    • I understand that I or my child/ward cannot play in any sanctioned soccer game until after this registration form has been validated and the registration data has been entered into Ontario Soccer's computerized registration system.
    • I have read and understand the waivers attached and my agreement hereto indicates my agreement with such waivers.
    • I am aware of Ontario Soccer, District Association and Club/Academy's and League bylaws, policies, rules and regulations and agree to abide by them and to be bound by them.
    • I accept sole responsibility for my or my child/ward's personal possessions and athletic equipment and accept all liability for any damage to the playing equipment caused by my careless, negligent and/or improper handling.
    • I grant permission to the Organization to photograph and/or record my image and/or voice on still or motion picture film and/or audio tape and to use this material to promote the sport of soccer and the Organizations through the media of newsletters, websites, television, film, radio, print and/or other form. I understand i waive any claim to renumeration for use of audio/visual materials used for these purposes.

      I acknowledge that I am the player being registered or the parent/guardian, if player is under 18 years of age.  I agree to be bound by this Legal Agreement even if have not read this agreement. 
  1. Please register by Team &/or Birth Year
  1. Please click the submit button below in order to send your registration to the Grimsby Town Youth Soccer Club.  You will receive an email confirmation.

    In order to complete registration, please use one of the following payment options:

    - Credit card  - click on the Moneris online credit card payment link on the confirmation window

    - e-Transfer  - send fee to GTYSC via email to [email protected]
    - please include player name(s) & division(s) and use the password grimsby2020

    - Cheque - contact the GTYSC Administrator at [email protected]
    - please include player name(s) & division(s)

    Questions?     Please direct emails to [email protected]

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